Ben Aubin

I'm a software developer & student at EA Young Academy. I conduct machine-learning research, build websites, launch apps, and run a development agency for small businesses.

Last summer, I led the development of moolah by Moolah U, an upcoming app to give young people hands-on experience with money.

In the news

Wall Street Journal
"After his first entrepreneurial adventure at camp at 8—developing a duct-tape bracelet with his team, then selling it and coming home with a small check—he says he became a “startups” guy. This spring, on his own, he launched his third app, a tool to help young drivers with learner's permits track their hours behind the wheel."


Silicon Hills News

A few projects

moolah by Moolah U
Hands-on experience with money for future adults.

Modern Driving Log
An app that helps teens get their driver's license.

Bijou Del Mare
An amazing store for hand-crafted jewelry.

PlanHW (archived)
Organization for modern students.

Let's work together

"You are awesome... I appreciate your involvement and enthusiasm. We are fortunate to have you!” - Gayle Reaume, Moolah U

"Patient. Quick. Knowledgeable. Helpful. I couldn’t be happier!" - Christine Augustine, Bijou Del Mare

I love building great software for great people. Hire me at


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